.My passion to paint, I feel, came from my mother who was an excellent portrait artist who inspired me and instructed me to create art.  Today it is my husband who supports me in my art and at times, my inspiration, and yet always my toughest critic.

Having been versed in the power of energy work has also played a powerful topic throughout all of my series. Feelings, Elements and Re-connection are  based on Energy and Man 's relation with the elements and his universe,­ as  well  as representing  the passion of man’s quest of life  and an understanding.  Energetic but at times haunting, These series are created  within  the theme­ of dance, one of man’s oldest forms of communication and emotion.

    The many  trips  to various places here and abroad have always been a wonderful source of amazing feelings.   Simply to walk down an old street or in nature imbues me with the spirited imprint of days gone by—the life, the fashions, and the daily activities that they captured.  I have attempted  to covey this visual experiences into imagery of bright colored scenery or figurative work.


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