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.Stephanie Pyren    1950-­­­


Stephanie’s art is a mixture encompassing the energetic essence of modern and the live sensibility of the old masters. Competent in all medias, oils, watercolors, pastels and graphics: she has exhibited in one man shows and groups nationally and internationally, France, Bangkok, and Holland and throughout the United States .In 1989 she ­­moved to Barbizon, France to become involved in the “New Barbizon School of Arts” with artist Jacques Harvey. While in France Stephanie was commissioned to paint various commercial and private pieces, which included portraits and murals. At this time, The American Animation Co. based in Los Angeles asked her to travel to Bangkok Thailand for a three week period to teach traditional background painting for the upcoming Warner Bros. animation show “Tiny Toons”. Upon returning to Barbizon France Stephanie had sold a number of pieces to many, but one buyer would become her husband. They would become dual citizens of their new countries and  move to California on the request of the licensing division of Warner Brothers. Stephanie continues to exhibit her artwork and has built a clientele of collectors. Stephanie also continues receiving commission work both commercially and privately. Also to her credit: Stephanie has illustrated 4 children’s books, and has worked in all the major animation studios in Los Angeles as a character designer and background painter,She has also taught life drawing and fashion illustrating and window display at the Columbia College in Columbia, South Carolina. She and her husband have recently relocated to Jacksonville Florida.


Linkedin: Stephanie Pyren-Fortel,

Facebook: Stephanie Pyren-Fortel :pages: Stephanie Pyren

 & SPStudios





Graceville Retirement Home Northridge, Ca. .Mural 60’9”tall Paris scene

Le Royal Restaurant Barbizon France, Mural 30’x6’

Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Hakanson, Sacramento Ca

La Piaggia Beach Club, So. Beach Miami Fl.

Mr. Mrs Passink, Jacksonville, Fl.

Mr. Mrs Ising, Santa Barbara, Ca.

Lunaria Restaurant Santa Monica, Ca

Mr. David Cheney, Los Angels Ca

Mr. Mrs. Bianco, Beverly Hills, Ca



Onion Gallery -solo – Panorama City, CA

Lloyds Gallery-solo – Westwood, CA

Cal State University Northridge- group – Northridge, CA

Laguna Art Festival - group– Laguna, CA

Downtown Art Gallery -solo – Columbia, SC

Heritage Art Gallery -solo – Columbia,

SCSpoleto Festival -group – Columbia, SC

Contemporary Arts -group – Encino, CA

Gallery Plus One- group – Los Angeles, CA

Galerie Plus -group – Barbizon, France

La Galerie Arches El Toiles -solo– Paris, France

North Light Gallery-solo – Los Angeles, CA

Lunaria-Santa -solo- Monica, Ca

James Gray Gallery-solo- Bergamot Station Santa Monica,Ca

Richeson School of Art& Gallery-group- Kimberely, WI

Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum- A Muse Salon-group-Los Angeles, Ca

Gallery 839-A Muse Salon-group- Burbank, Ca

Gallery Godo- group- Burbank, Ca

Southern Nevada Art Museum-group-Las Vegas, NV.

Art Basil- La Piaggia -solo-So. Beach Miami Fl. ­­­­­­­

Fairfax Gallery-group- Jacksonville, Fl

 St Augustine Art Assoc.-group- St. Augustine, Fl

JCA Vandroff Art Gallery-solo- Jacksonville Fl.

The Vault At 1950  with JAG" -group-The Naughty Group Show Jacksonville Fl.

Good Shepherd-solo- art show-Jacksonville Fl.

Bredy Dental Group- with JAG-group-Jacksonville Fl.

Ponte Vedra Library-solo- Jacksonville Beach Fl.

Reddi Arts Gallery Jag -group- "Fresh Paint" jacksonville Fl

Jacksonville international airport with JAG  -group- "Sky Gallery Airport"

The Art Center  "4 bridges"  -group- Jacksonville Fl.

JCA Vandroff Gallery with JAG -group- "Sunshine in the South"

National League of American Pen Women,INC  -group- "Vinnie Ream Medal Art"   Washington DC

Daytona Beach Airport purchased piece

Museum of Science and History -solo- "Spirit" Jacksonville Fl.

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